15 Oct

What is a hot-oil treatment?

Hot oil treatment is used to give hair moisture as it gives the look of conditioned hair without having to condition every day. If you have damaged or dry hair as a result of such things as coloring, blow-drying,
straightening, or other styling factors, then a hot oil treatment for hair may be good for your hair . It most often makes hair look more healthy.

How it works

Generally with a hot oil treatment for hair, they are used once a week. The bottle of oil is heated by putting the bottle in hot water for an extended period of time.
After heating the tube of oil in the water, generally for a minute or so, you can message the hot oil treatment into your wet hair. Massage all the oil thoroughly in the hair so that all the hair will be able to be exposed to the hot oil. Many times people that use hot oil treatments do not make sure that all their hair is exposed and this can cause weakness to those areas of the hair. After this is done, you can rinse the hair and the scalp thoroughly under the running water. After the hot oil treatment is done processing, shampoo your hair as you regularly do. You can use the hot oil treatment once or week or as often as needed.

Types of hot oil treatments

There are many products available on the market for hot oil treatments. They can also be purchased as oils and then heated and used in the hair. Generally natural essential oils are the best ones to use in hot oil treatments as they can do the best to damage dry and weak hair. Many other types of oils are too big, as smaller oils are needed so that they will be able to penetrate the shaft of the hair. The larger oils do not penetrate the hair and actually cause buildup, which can only lead to more dry and damaged hair. Some of the more natural oils that are popular for hot oil treatments are olive oil, jasmine oil, coconut oil, Shea nut oil and jojoba oil.

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